Cape George Colony Club

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Marina available to non-members?

NO - Only Cape George property owners (members) are allowed to have permanent moorage in the Cape George Marina. Temporary moorage is available to guests of members. (see CG Forms CP03a)

Does the Cape George Offce handle Sales or Rentals?

No – All Property sales and rentals are handled by the property owners or their property
management companies

What are the current Cape George Association dues per year?

Cape George uses a combination of General Assessments, Fees and occassional Special Assessments.  The amounts are detailed in the General Assessment and Fee Schedule.

Where can I find the Cape George Governing Documents?

All of the Cape George documents can be found on this web site under Documents. This includes the Covenants, By-Laws, Association Rules and Regulations, Building Rules and Regulations, and all pertinent forms.

Does Cape George accept credit cards?

At this time the Cape George office does not accept credit cards.

Assessment payments may be made by credit card through Community Financials. (see payment options on the bottom of our home page)