Cape George Colony Club

Cape George Water System

The Cape George private water system is designated by the State as a “Public Water System – Group A Community” and is often referred to as a “small water system.” Our source is an aquifer from which we are allowed to draw a specified amount of water. The system, which is located in the Highlands, is monitored by the State Department of Health to be sure we are in compliance with state water quality standards. We do not add fluoride.

The entire water system is the property of Cape George Colony Club, Inc. and services only our community. Only those members with water hookups are assessed a monthly fee to cover yearly operation and maintenance. Capital improvements for water infrastructure, (such as the water tank completed in 2006) have been paid for by funds raised by a special assessment approved by a member vote. With the completion of tank 7 in 2006 the system is capable of accommodating eventual build-out of all our lots.

Cape George has hard water with high manganese content. Over the years we attempted to mitigate this with various treatments. In 1999 through a member approved special assessment, we installed a green sand filter system that has significantly reduced the manganese and iron content.


Annual Water Quality Report - click here


Dept of Health Drinking Water Report