Cape George Colony Club



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Cape George Colony Club

Study Session Agenda

December 12, 2022, 3:00 PM

Zoom Audio/Video Conference Call


A.  Call to Order – President’s Comments and Announcements


B.  Letters from members


C.  Manager's Comments and Report


D.  Board Items for Discussion and possible inclusion on the Agenda for Thursday’s Board Meeting.  Four possible actions: 1) Place on Board Meeting Agenda as action item; 2) Place on Board Meeting Agenda as an information item; 3) Move item to next month’s Study Session Agenda; 4) No action or further discussion required.

  1. Information item: $100,000 was transferred from the Chase operations account to the PPB operations account in November – Fayla Schwartz
  2. Review proposed changes to EMP03, pages attached – Payroll periods – Fayla Schwartz
  3. Berm update – Marnie Levy
  4. Discuss establishing a standing Berm Committee – Pat Gulick
  5. Discuss Berm Crossing Guidelines, Fencing, and Revegetation Schedule, pages attached – Pat Gulick
  6. Discuss updates to the Cape George fine schedule – Marnie Levy

a. 2022 Fine Schedule, page attached

b. Recommendation for fines for cutting down trees without approved permit, pages attached – Pat Gulick

c. Recommendation for fines from the Building and Roads Committee, page attached – John Dwyer

  1. Discuss need for all community driveways to have CGC approved driveway connections to reduce depreciation of the roads, pages attached – John Dwyer
  2. Update on PUD Fiber Optic petition, page attached – Marnie Levy
  3. Discuss proposed Marina wait list rule change, pages attached – Mike Heckinger
  4. Discuss proposed Marina Service Program, pages attached – Mike Heckinger
  5. Discuss the Marina Memorial Funded fish/crab cleaning station on the south end of the Marina – Mike Heckinger
  6. Discuss proposed Peter Wilding Memorial Bench for Memorial Park, picture attached – Pat Gulick
  7. Update on Village Mailboxes – Betsy Coddington
  8. Update on the Technology Committee – Marnie Levy
  9. Discuss holding the January Study Session at 5 p.m. – Marnie Levy
  10. Information on the Cape George University held on December 6, 2022 – Jane Ludwig
  11. Variance review – Thayer – Betsy Coddington

E.  Member Participation (Compliments, Issues, Concerns)

NOTICE:  The President will ask members that have called into the Zoom Board Meeting to come forward with any questions, comments, or concerns.  We encourage and wish to promote member participation with the following stipulations: Each member may speak once on any given topic until every member that wishes to speak has done so.  Each member may have one rebuttal with a 2-minute time limit on the same topic.  If another topic is raised the same procedure will follow.  Note:  The Board of Trustees will not hear or discuss owner violations or owner account issues.  They must be addressed in a separate hearing.


F.  Open Board Discussion


G. Announcements and Adjournment

  • Thurs., Dec. 15, 2022, 2:45 p.m. – Variance Hearing,  via Zoom meeting  
  • Thurs., Dec. 15, 2022, 3:00 p.m. – Board Meeting, via Zoom meeting 
  • Sat., Dec. 17, 2022, 3 to 5 p.m.: Christmas Café Holiday Open House – RSVP at C.G Office
  • Mon., Dec. 26, 2022:  The Cape George Office will be closed in observance of Christmas.
  • Mon., Jan. 2, 2023: The Cape George Office will be closed in observance of New Year’s Day
  • Mon., Jan. 23, 2023  - Study Session- Time to be determined. 
  • Thurs., Jan. 26, 2023, 3:00 p.m. – Board Meeting, via Zoom meeting