Cape George Colony Club

Special Board Meeting Agenda - January 14, 2022



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Special Board of Trustees Budget Meeting Agenda

January 14, 2022

10.00 A.M.

Via Zoom Online Meeting Service

As long as COVID is still spreading in our community, the Cape George Board of Trustees will be meeting remotely, using Zoom.  We welcome all members to attend and participate in these meetings.  We do ask that you follow some basic Zoom etiquette and guidelines:

  • Post your real name with your video or phone number.  Non-members, or unidentified individuals, will not be admitted to meeting.
  • Mute yourself when you are not speaking to keep extraneous noise from interrupting the meeting. If you are calling on a phone, use *6 to mute or unmute yourself.
  • If you want to speak, please indicate that using the Chat box or the “raise hand” option.  You will be called on in order of your Chat entry.  If you are calling on a phone, use *9 to raise your hand.
  • Each person can speak once only, up to 2 minutes, until everyone else that wants to speak has been called on.
  • If you do not know how to do these things in Zoom, there are a number of online tutorials.  Here is a simple one to read before you Zoom: How to Zoom: A Guide for Beginners (search for it online).


A.  Vice President’s Welcome – Ray Graves


B.  New Business Agenda Items (Consider approval of the following listed agenda items)

  1. Consider approval of the 2020 Audit final - Fayla Schwartz
  2. Consider approval of Engagement Letter with Newman CPA for 2021 audit - Fayla Schwartz
  3. Consider approval of revised Finance Committee Charter and Chair appointment - Fayla Schwartz
  4. Consider Search Committee budget of $500 for recruiting expenses - Ray Graves
  5. Review and Approve 2022 budget - Fayla Schwartz


C.  Open Board Discussion – Trustee Discussion Only       


D.  Announcements:

  • Study Session – January 24, 2022
  • Board meeting - January 27, 2022


E.  Adjournment