Cape George Colony Club



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Regular Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda


November 17, 2022, 3:00 p.m.

Via Zoom


A.  President’s Comments and Announcements – Jane Ludwig

  • There will be an Executive Session at the end of this meeting to discuss member delinquency issues, bonuses and consider communication with legal counsel.

B.  Action on Minutes – Pat Gulick

  • Approve minutes of the regular Board Meeting dated October 27, 2022

C.  Manager’s Report – Marnie Levy


D.  Treasurer’s Report – Fayla Schwartz


E.  New Members – Pat Gulick


F.  November 2022 Committee Reports/Meeting Minutes


G.  Information items or documents submitted to the Trustees at Study Session

  1. Proposed changes to Rules and Regulations EMP 03 Payroll – Personnel Changes will be published in the December Newsletter for Member Comments – See attached changes
  2. December 7th meeting for the Village residents (only) to meet with mail carriers to discuss mailbox remodel options.


H.  Member Participation:

NOTICE:  The President will ask members that have called into the Zoom Meeting that are listening to the Board Meeting to come forward with any questions, comments, compliments, or concerns.  We encourage and wish to promote member participation with the following stipulations: Each member may speak once on any given topic until every member that wishes to speak has done so.  Each member may have one rebuttal with a 2-minute time limit on the same topic.  If another topic is raised the same procedure will follow.  Note:  The Board of Trustees will not hear or discuss owner violations or owner account issues.  They must be addressed in a separate hearing.


I.  New Business Agenda Items (Consider approval of the following listed agenda items)


Motion 1 to accept the statement below – Fayla Schwartz:

The 2020 Audit created balance sheet accounts to indicate monies needing to transfer between Operating and Reserve Cash Accounts based on expenditure activities for Reserve projects during that year.  While the funds were transferred correctly, a GL entry was never made to record it to the Balance Sheet.  Therefore, we propose concluding the transaction with the following GL entry that will remove the ‘Due to/Due from’ notations and record the actual transfer which took place: 

01106-001  PPB #0125 Operating - Checking.      $47,154.44 

01109-001  PPB #0082 Reserves - Checking.          (47,154.44) 

01195-001  Due From Reserves - General.               49,232.00 

01199-001  Due to Operating - General.                 (49,232.00) 

01199-003. Due From Operating - Marina.                 2,077.56 

01195-003  Due To Reserves - Marina.                    (2,077.56) 

                                                                                                    $        0.00 

Motion 2 to increase the water meter hook-up fee from $1,100 to $5,000 – Bart Mooyman-Beck


Motion 3 to accept the amended Marina Rules as published in the November Newsletter – Mike Heckinger


Motion 4 to accept Kriss Edwards as the Pool Committee Chair – Fayla Schwartz


Motion 5 to accept proposal from Peninsula Environmental 2023 proposal for poison hemlock herbicide application at $1000 per visit up to a total of $5,000 – Pat Gulick – See attached proposal


Motion 6 to renew Selective Insurance Company flood insurance in 2023 for the Clubhouse for $2,389 and for the Workshop for $1,411 – John Dwyer – See attached invoices


J.  Open Board Discussion – Trustee Discussion Only


K.  Executive Session


L.  Announcements:

  • Thurs. and Fri., Nov. 24- 25 – Office in observance of Thanksgiving
  • Mon., Nov. 28, 2 p.m. – Budget Ballots must be returned by mail or by hand
  • Tues., Nov. 29, Ballots counted by the Election Committee
  • Wed., Nov. 30, 3 p.m. – Budget Ratification Meeting
  • Mon., Dec. 12, 3 p.m. – Study Session, via ZOOM meeting
  • Thurs., Dec. 15, 3 p.m. – Board Meeting, via ZOOM meeting
  • Mon., Dec. 26 – Office closed in observance of Christmas
  • Mon., Jan 2, 2023 – Office closed in observance of New Year’s Day

M.  Adjournment