Cape George Colony Club

Board Meeting Agenda & Information Packet -MAY 23, 2024


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Cape George Colony Club

Regular Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda

May 23, 2024, 3:00 p.m.

In-Person and Via Zoom


A.  President’s Comments and Announcements – Betsy Coddington


B.  Action on Minutes – Pat Gulick


  • Approve attached minutes of the regular Board of Trustees meeting held April 25, 2024.  Draft minutes attached.


C.  Welcome New Members – Pat Gulick.


D.  Member Letters – Marnie Levy.  Letters from Maria Muma, Molly Torres, and Robin Scherting.


E.  Manager’s Report – Marnie Levy. See attached.


F.  Treasurer’s Report – Nancy Charpentier.  April Financial Report and Report Summary.


G.  Information items, and items submitted to the Board in the May Study Session.


  1. Proposal to Install Water Meter Heads, $18,000: Request to add the amount as “Motion 7” of this meeting. Reserve Funding for the project is under the proposed budget and would be used for this expense – Marnie Levy. See attached.
  2. Environmental Committee Message: Fire caution in Cape George – Pat Gulick. See attached.
  3. Proposed wording for sign posted next to the picnic area Fire Pit – Marnie Levy. See attached.
  4. A Variance Hearing will take place on Thurs., June 27, 2:45 p.m., before the Board Meeting, for 351 Ridge. A new build owner is requesting a change to the front setback from 25’ to 22’ from the property line to the eaves. Information will be published in the June 2024 newsletter.
  5. The 2024-2025 Insurance information was included in the Study Session Packet. The Board will have a Special Meeting to review the information in early June. Questions?

H.  Member Participation:


NOTICE:  The President will ask members that have called into the Zoom Meeting that are listening to the Board Meeting to come forward with any questions, comments, compliments, or concerns.  We encourage and wish to promote member participation with the following stipulations: Each member may speak once on any given topic until every member that wishes to speak has done so.  Each member may have one rebuttal with a 2-minute time limit on the same topic.  If another topic is raised the same procedure will follow.  Note:  The Board of Trustees will not hear or discuss owner violations or owner account issues.  They must be addressed in a separate hearing.


I.  New Business Agenda Items (Consider approval of the following listed agenda items)


Motion 1. I move to approve our Harbormaster’s recommendation to approve the exception to the twelve-foot width (beam) for Member Kevin Dewaay and Denise Dowd who have a boat with 12ft., 11in. beam. The Harbormaster has studied the logistics and has met with all concerned parties and authorized the exception. CGCC R7R CPO3, Section 2 Moorage, Para 4 says:  Boat width shall not exceed twelve (12) feet at the widest point unless authorized by the Harbormaster and approved by the Board of Trustees – Mike Heckinger or Ray Pierson.

Motion 2.  I move to establish an ad hoc committee to work with the Cape George management to examine, and present to the Board, options for the future of the Red Barn. Those options would be presented to the Board and members– Pat Gulick. See attached review by Washington Engineering.

Motion 3. I move to make an exception to Cape George PP01 – Livestock and Pets, Rule #11 that would allow Marie Muma to bring her therapy alpacas to the boat trailer beach for one hour a week – Pat Gulick.

Motion 4.  I move to accept Susan Sanford’s resignation from the Finance Committee. In addition, I move to appoint Mark Costanti and Michael Volkman to the Finance Committee – Nancy Charpentier

Motion 5.  I move to approve the revised Pool Committee Rules as presented in this Board Packet – Ray Pierson. See attached. 

Motion 6. I move to accept the changes to FIN04 as presented to the April meeting. See attached if you want to use it. (The proposed Rule Change FIN 04 was presented in the April Board Packet and published in the newsletter for comment. It is included in this Board Packet.)

J.  Open Board Discussion – Trustee Discussion Only


K.  Committee Meeting Notes/Minutes:


Building and Roads Committee, April 5


Environmental Committee Minutes, April 9


Fitness Committee Minutes, May 10


Pool Committee Minutes, April 7


Social Club Meeting Minutes, April 11


Strategic Planning Committee Minutes, April 15


Strategic Planning Committee Minutes, May 6


L.  Announcements


  • Friday, May 24, 5 p.m., Pool Committee Fundraiser Barbecue, in the picnic area.


  • Monday, May 27, Memorial Day Barbecue, 5:30 p.m., Meet & Greet, Grills Ready at 6 p.m., in the picnic area. Thank you, Social Committee!


  • Thursday, May 30, ballots will be mailed.


  • Wednesday, June 5, 12 – 4 p.m., Jefferson County Fire Prevention and Safety, at the Clubhouse.


  • Monday, June 10 – Saturday, June 15, GRANNY’S ATTIC!


  • Monday, June 17 – Saturday, June 22, MARINA SALE!


  • Monday, June 24, Board of Trustees Study Session, in the clubhouse and by Zoom meeting.


  • Thursday, June 27, Board of Trustees Meeting, at the clubhouse and Zoom meeting.


M.  Adjournment