Cape George Colony Club

Study Session Agenda & Information Packet - February 12, 2019

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Study Session Agenda

February 12, 2019

3:00 PM at the Clubhouse


  1. President’s Comments and Announcements          

           1. Welcome

           2. Executive Session will be held on Thursday 2/14/2019

  1. Letters from Members
  1. Manager’s Comments
  1. Board Items for Discussion and possible inclusion on the Agenda for Thursday’s Board Meeting.  Four possible actions: 1) Place on Board Meeting Agenda as action item; 2) Place on Board Meeting Agenda as an information item; 3) Move item to next month’s Study Session Agenda; 4) No action or further discussion required.

           1. Consider  Marina  Committee  recommendations on 2019 road gravel project – Ben Fellows

           2. Consider change to Clubhouse Use Application Agreement  CP02b – Pat Rooney

           3. Review three (3) member due date adjustment requests for 2 members – Pat Rooney

           4. Suggested Attorney to consider for future CGCC legal advice and action – Pat Rooney

           5. Discuss application & use of Shell Gas Credit Card – Pat Rooney

           6. Discuss transition to Community Financials and costs associated with transition – Karen Krug

           7. Discuss to EMP04 regarding change in total manager vacation benefit – Karen Krug

           8. Discuss possible update to FIN05 regarding capitalization – Karen Krug

           9. Discuss update to FIN07 regarding petty cash – Karen Krug

          10. Discuss update to FIN09 regarding additional language regarding investments – Karen Krug

          11. Request for additional lighting at clubhouse – Art Group

          12. Refund Request – BER004

          13. Member BLU001 fie abatement request

          14. Member LEA002 fine abatement request

          15. Consider appointment of Bill Sery as chairperson of Fitness Committee

  1. Member Participation (Compliments, Issues, Concerns)

We encourage and wish to promote member participation with the following stipulations: Each member may speak once on any given topic until every member that wishes to speak has done so.  Each member may have one rebuttal with a 2-minute time limit on the same topic.  If another topic is raised the same procedure will follow.

Open Board Discussion

  1. Announcements

Board Meeting – February 14, 2019 3:30 P.M.

Study Session – March 12, 2019 3:00 P.M.

Board Meeting – March 14, 2019 3:30 P.M.

Close Study Session