Cape George Colony Club

Special Board Meeting Agenda - January 24, 2019

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Special Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda

January 24, 2019
3:00 P.M.
Cape George Office Meeting Room


A. Welcome and purpose of Special Meeting – Katie Habegger

1.  An executive session will be held immediately following this meeting to consider personnel matters and a legal issue.

B. New Business Agenda Items

1.  Consider motion to approve updated list of bank signatories effective January 31, 2019 – Karen Krug

2.  Consider motion to accept Carol Wood’s resignation as Trustee and appoint Richard Hilfer as Trustee to fill the remaining term ending in July 2019. – Katie Habegger

C. Announcements:

1.  Study Session – February 12, 2019

2.  Board Meeting – February 14, 2019

D. Adjournment: Motion to adjourn Special Board Meeting