Cape George Colony Club

Board Meeting Agenda - November 16, 2017

An information packet containing documents related to the Board Meeting will be posted to the Cape George website on November 16, 2017.  Agenda posted in its’ entirety.


Regular Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda

November 16, 2017

3:30 P.M.

Cape George Clubhouse

  1. President’s Comments and Announcements – Katie Habegger, President

           A. Welcome      

  1. Action on Minutes – Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting October 12, 2017 –  Richard Hilfer
  1. Membership Report – Richard Hilfer
  1. Treasurer’s Report – Karen Krug
  1. Manager’s Report – Sharon Mitchel
  1. Committee Reports
  1. Information Items

           A. The Board directed the manager to post the proposed Clubhouse rule and form changes in the December newsletter for member comment.

  1. Member Participation
  1. New Business Agenda Items

           A. Consider motion to approve waitlist changes to CP03 Marina Rule. – Joel Janetski

           B. Consider motion to approve a member refund request. – Karen Krug

           C. Consider a motion to approve 4 due date adjustments for 3 members.  – Ray Pierson

           D. Consider motion to extend the building permit at 144 Marine View Pl. for one year and impose a fine of $25 per month (beginning December 2017) for use of a Recreational Vehicle as temporary living quarters in excess of six months (Building Reg. 4.11), with the fine subject to review and possible abatement by or before April 2018. – Richard Hilfer

           E. Consider motion to approve Resolution to transfer $17,833 less trade in of $1,833 (Gray’s Motors), $119 (B of A credit card – Price Ford) vehicle inspection, $339 (Gary’s Auto Repair) rear brakes, $150 (Westbay Auto) battery and windshield wipers. – Richard Hilfer

           F. Consider motion to approve Selective Insurance flood insurance renewal for Clubhouse and Workshop. – Joel Janetski

           G. Consider motion to approve proposed MIS08 Member Misconduct Rule. – Richard Hilfer

           H. Consider motion to turn over bad debt accounts over to SABA for collection – Karen Krug

           I. Consider motion to rescind Workshop Committee’s donation of a Miller Bobcat 225 welding generator, serial #H13820390, valued at $2500. – Karen Krug

           J. Consider motion to accept Workshop Committee’s donation of a Miller Bobcat 225 welding generator, serial #H13820390, valued at $2250. – Karen Krug

           K. Consider motion to approve emergency reserve expenditure to replace Pool Heat Pump #1, in the amount of $11,262.97. – Richard Hilfer

  1. Open Board Discussion
  1. Announcements:

           A. Study Session – December 12, 2017 3:00 P.M.

           B. Board Meeting – December 14, 2017 3:30 P.M.

  1. Adjournment: Motion to adjourn Regular Board Meeting