Cape George Colony Club

Board Meeting Agenda - July 13, 2017

An information packet containing documents related to the Board Meeting will be posted to the Cape George website on July 13, 2017.  Agenda posted in its’ entirety.


Regular Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda

July 13, 2017

3:30 P.M.

Cape George Clubhouse


  1. President’s Comments and Announcements – Richard Hilfer
  1. Welcome
  2. Voting has now closed for the Trustee election. Results will be announced at the Annual Membership meeting to be held July 15, 2:00 at the Cape George Fire Hall. Written reports are available on our website.
  3. A Special Board meeting will be held Saturday, July 15 immediately following the Annual Membership meeting.                            
  1. Action on Minutes – Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting June 15, 2017  – Leslie Fellner
  1. Membership Report – Leslie Fellner
  1. Treasurer’s Report – Karen Krug
  1. Manager’s Report – Sharon Mitchel
  1. Committee Reports
  1. Information Items

              A. The Trustees discussed Cape George’s approach to abandoned properties and will continue the discussion in August after obtaining additional information on one or more of those properties.

              B. The Trustees discussed the form of repairs to the clubhouse gazebo and will seek comment from members regarding the same. 

              C. The Trustees discussed vehicle parking on common property and concluded it was appropriate to issue more “tickets” to vehicles without the necessary Cape George decal and to vehicles parked in violation of the rules.

  1. Member Participation
  1. New Business Agenda Items
  1. Consider a motion to refund of a $4.00 credit balance to a previous member – Leslie Fellner
  1. Consider a motion to approve a payment plan for a chronically late member – Leslie Fellner
  1. Consider motion to approve 8 member requests for 10 due date adjustments – Carol Wood.
  1. Consider motion to approve a contract with Lakeside Industries in the amount of $5450 to include 8 areas of pavement in need of repair.  – Karen Krug
  1. Open Board Discussion
  1. Announcements:

Annual Membership Meeting -- July 15, 2017 2:00 P.M. at Cape George Fire Hall

Special Board Meeting to select Board Officers – July 15, 2017 immediately following Annual Membership Meeting

Study Session – August 8, 2017 3:00 P.M.

Board Meeting – August 10, 2017 3:30 P.M.

  1. Adjourn to Executive Session for the purpose of discussing a personnel issue.
  2. Resume Regular Board Meeting:  Board action if any motions come from Executive Session.
  3. Adjournment: Motion to adjourn Regular Board Meeting