Cape George Colony Club

Board Meeting Agenda & Information Packet -November 14, 2019

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Regular Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda

November 14, 2019

3:30 P.M.

Cape George Clubhouse


A.  President’s Comments and Announcements – Katie Habegger, President

         1. Welcome

         2. An Executive Session will be held following this meeting to discuss a legal matter and a personnel matter

B.  Action on Minutes – Joel Janetski -Secretary

         1. Approve Regular Board Meeting Minutes dated – October 10, 2019

C.  Membership Report – Joel Janetski - Secretary

D.  Treasurer’s Report – George Martin

E.  Manager’s Report – Pat Rooney

F.  Committee Reports

G.  Information items - none

H.  Documents submitted to the Trustees at Study Session

         1. Resolution 2019 – 7:  Enrollment in Small Water System Management Plan with State DOH

I.  Member Participation

J.  New Business Agenda Items

         1. Regarding variance request – Rich Hilfer

         2. Change CP02 to modify deposit requirements for clubhouse use – George Martin

         3. Authorize $600.00 toward Environmental Committee sponsored rain garden – Joel Janetski

         4. Approve two adjustment due date requests – Rich Hilfer

         5. Approve Audit & Tax Return engagement letter – George Martin

         6. Approve changes to policy FIN03 from quarterly to annually for payment plans – George Martin

         7. Change Credit Card Administrator to Manager  – Joel Janetski

         8. Renew Flood Insurance Policies – Lad Burgin

         9. Authorize Resolution 2019-7 to enroll in DOH SWSMP – Lad Burgin

        10. Approve $2,000.00 deposit to sign maker for new entry signage – Rich Hilfer

        11. To have Marina Committee review moorage sub-leasing policy in CP03 and suspend the 50/50 split with lessor and CGCC – George Martin

K.  Open Board Discussion

        1. Discuss change to Fee Schedule for marina mooring related fees

L.  Announcements:

        1. Budget Ratification Meeting – November 20, 2019 - 2:30 PM

        2. Study Session – December 10, 2019 – 3:00 pm

        3. Board Meeting – December 12, 2019 – 3:30pm


M.  Motion to move to Executive Session

N.  Return from Executive Session (vote on motions if any)

O.  Adjournment: Motion to adjourn