Cape George Colony Club

Board Meeting Agenda & Information Packet -December 13, 2018

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Regular Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda

December 13, 2018

3:30 P.M.

Cape George Clubhouse


A.  President’s Comments and Announcements – Katie Habegger, President

  1. Welcome
  2. Announce Budget Election Results
  3. An executive session will follow today’s meeting to discuss personnel matters

B.  Action on Minutes – Minutes of the Special Membership Meeting December 4, 2018 and Regular Board Meeting November 15, 2018 –  Joel Janetski

C.  Membership Report – Joel Janetski

D.  Treasurer’s Report – Karen Krug

E.  Manager’s Report – Sharon Mitchel

F.  Committee Reports

G.  Information Items

  1. The manager will merge the marina and general petty cash accounts and reduce the amount held in petty cash from $600 to $300.
  2. Discussion on 2019 bank signatories was postponed until January
  3. The manager was directed to post changes to CP08 and CP08a in the upcoming newsletter for member comment
  4. The trustees have asked that the Marina Committee review the trailer registration and insurance requirements on the marina registration form

H.  Member Participation

I.  New Business Agenda Items

  1. Consider  motion to remove temporary speedbump from Marina Drive and place a stop sign near the bottom of Marina Drive, location to be determined  – George Martin
  2. Consider a motion to appoint Marty Bluewater as Marina Chair – George Martin
  3. Consider a motion to accept 2019 clubhouse blackout dates – Joel Janetski
  4. Consider a motion to approve 3 requests for refund of clubhouse rental deposits – George Martin
  5. Consider a motion to accept the Pool Committee’s donation to cover additional expenses for the pool shower update  – Karen Krug
  6. Consider motion to turn over 3 accounts to SABA for collections – Karen Krug
  7. Consider motion to approve 2018 allowances for doubtful accounts – Karen Krug
  8. Consider motion to approve 2018 additions and deletions to the depreciation schedule – Karen Krug
  9. Consider motion to approve 2018 minimum net transfers of excess operating cash – Karen Krug
  10. Consider a motion to approve 2018 transfer of reserve allocation net of bad debt reserve – Karen Krug
  11. Consider a motion approve end of year bonuses of $300 (net) for employees employed as of December 31, 2018 –  George Martin

J.  Open Board Discussion

K.  Announcements:

  1. Special Board Meeting – December 19, 2018 1:30 P.M.   
  2. Study Session – January 8, 2019 3:00 P.M.
  3. Board Meeting – January 10, 2019 3:30 P.M.

L.  Adjournment: Motion to adjourn Regular Board Meeting