Cape George Colony Club

Board Meeting Agenda & Information Packet -April 16, 2020

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Regular Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda

April 16, 2020

3:30 P.M.

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A.  President’s Comments and Announcements – Katie Habegger  – President

       1. Welcome

B.  Action on Minutes – Joel Janetski -Secretary

       1. Approve Board Meeting Minutes dated – March 12, 2020

C.  Membership Report – Joel Janetski - Secretary

D.  Treasurer’s Report – George Martin

E.  Manager’s Report – Pat Rooney

F.  Committee Reports

G.  Information items - None

H.  Documents submitted to the Trustees at Study Session

       1. None             

I.  Member Participation

J.  New Business Agenda Items (Consider approval of the following listed agenda items)

  1. Approve relief to owner of lot with water assessment – George Martin
  2. Approve Manager authority to authorize refunds during Pandemic – Rich Hilfer
  3. Approve three Adjustment Due Date letters – Lad Burgin
  4. Approve transfer of funds Resolution 20-002 from Reserves to Operating Account – Rich Hilfer
  5. Approve transfer of funds Resolution 20-003 from Reserves to Operating Account – Ray Graves
  6. Approve Resolution memorializing Board decisions during pandemic – Joel Janetski
  7. Approve proposed changes to FIN11 – Ray Graves
  8. Approve Proposed change to MIS01 – Ray Graves
  9. Approve Fitness Committee recommendation on environmental controls – George Martin
  10. Approve contract with Real Estate Broker to sell Lot – Ray Graves         

K.  Open Board Discussion

       1. Authorize Change of Credit Card Bank and Credit Limit - Manager

L.  Announcements:

       1. Study Session – May 12, 2020– 3:00 pm

       2. Board Meeting – May 14, 2020 – 3:30pm